AMD Ryzen™ PRO 5000 Series: Designing Security Right from the Start

As risks accelerate in volume and variety, AMD continues to believe that meaningful protection for today’s PCs requires a carefully multi-layered approach that relies on best-in-class security controls and capabilities embedded directly into hardware, software, and firmware.

This paper explores AMD Ryzen™ PRO 5000 Series mobile processors’ security features and the part they play in a multi-layered approach to device security. These features include the following:

Everything built with security in mind – AMD “Zen”-based core architectures provide a strong security foundation. AMD’s security architecture helps to reduce exposure of attacks, can reduce downtime, may require fewer patches, and can help to improve the total cost of ownership.An integrated hardware root of trust – AMD keeps improving its silicon architecture with each generation, helping to improve effectiveness against future cyberattacks.Integrated security features, from firmware to OS – Once the initial firmware and OEM BIOS are authenticated, control passes to the OS through a secure-boot process that continues the chain of trust using Root of Trust, anchored in the hardware.Better memory protection: AMD Memory Guard – AMD Ryzen™ PRO series mobile processors were the first commercial processors on the market to provide technology that helps protect user data by encrypting the complete system memory contents as a standard feature.

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