ASUS launches the ASUS BR1100 series kids’ laptop

Image: Asus

Demonstrating an understanding of the rigors of school life, ASUS has announced the ASUS BR1100 series laptops for Australia and New Zealand, a series designed to withstand all that school kids can do to them. The series includes two models, the flagship ASUS BR1100F, and the less flashy ASUS BR1100C.

The company has designed them to surpass US military-grade durability standards (MIL-STD-810H), to survive the harsh school environment. To that end, ASUS promises they have been stringently torture-tested. They feature an all-around rubber shock bumper and spill-resistant keyboard. ASUS said they can withstand being dropped from a standard desk height of 120cm. The keyboard can withstand up to 300ml of fluid spilt directly onto it without it being damaged, ASUS promised.  

Both laptops in the range have 11.6-inch HD displays with 1366x786p resolution. They feature only 128GB eMMC storage but come with an extra slot for adding 1TB of storage if it’s needed.


ASUS said convenience and battery life were big considerations to make them “easy to manage and to boost learning efficiency”. To enable that, the laptops can be used like clamshells or flipped to be used as tablets for different kinds of learning. The BR1100F also comes with a stylus that can charge in 15 seconds for 45 minutes’ use.


The BR1100 series laptops have enough battery life to last for 10 hours, “enough for a whole school day,” ASUS said. The higher-end model, the BR1100F, comes with a world-facing camera positioned above the keyboard, for capturing videos and photos in the laptop’s tablet mode.

Both models also sport a modular construction that allows the keyboard, battery and other internal parts to be swapped out easily for repairs. More information is available on Asus’ website.

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