Asus' super-skinny portable monitor could be the ultimate Photoshop accessory

Asus Proart monitorImage: Asus

A USB-powered monitor is one of the easiest, most effective ways to power up your portable computing setup. But what if you don’t need a full secondary screen, just a place to stick all of your Photoshop tools? Asus is here for you with the ProArt Display PA147CDV (say that three times fast). It’s essentially the secondary screen from the Duo series of laptops, torn off and compatible with pretty much anything.


As The Verge reports, the PA147CDV is a portable monitor with some extra special sauce for artists and other creators. In addition to the 14-inch, 1920×550 touchscreen, the device includes a built-in rotary dial for quickly selecting tools and moving around a workspace. The PA147CDV includes two USB-C ports (the better to power itself without draining your battery) and a full-sized HDMI port, though getting standard media hardware to play nice with its 32:9 screen might be a challenge. The integrated kickstand can adjust to a variety of positions, and if you prefer, the whole thing can be propped up on its side for a tall vertical view.


The stylus-compatible display uses a 400-nit IPS panel with full 100 percent sRGB coverage among various other color accuracy ratings, so it’s more than ready to handle work on high-quality images and video. Asus says that the form factor works well as a portable add-on or a supplement to a desktop setup. Asus’ control panel app can add semi-physical controls to plenty of programs as well.

Asus will sell the PA147CDV starting in the second quarter. How much will it cost? The company isn’t saying, but with all that specialized hardware you can bet it will be a lot more than the typical USB-powered monitor.

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