Boost productivity by turning your paperwork into podcasts

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If you don’t seem to be able to get out from under constantly growing mountains of paperwork, it may be time to make a radical change in the way you work. Since you can’t create more hours in the day (not that you want to work any longer than you do already), the next best thing is to multitask, when doing more than one thing at a time doesn’t affect the quality of your productivity. Major bonus points if doing so makes a chore more enjoyable, and that is exactly what Elocance does.

It stands to reason that turning all of your paperwork into audio files would make it so much easier to get through, instead of having to read every word of it. Not only would that take less time, but being able to listen while driving to and from work means having more free time while at home. It’s not just about working smarter, instead of harder, either. Listening is just inherently easier than reading, so podcasts are simply not as stressful as dealing with paperwork. 

Elocance lets you transform documents, including multiple file types, into audio. So, not only can you boost your work productivity and efficiency, you can also learn more material, and learn it faster by turning all of that professional development reading you’ve been meaning to complete, into podcasts. You can make playlists of articles on entrepreneurship, investing, tech, travel, business, leadership, and more. There are popular newsletters already available in the app. One tech enthusiast included the program in his list of 10 AMAZING Apps you NEED to try!

Imagine how nice it would be not to have to strain your eyes or clutter up your life with all of the many pieces of text and paper that come your way. Instead, you can just use Elocance turn all of it into audio and listen to it at your convenience, in any order you please. Walking, driving, or waiting in lines will no longer be wastes of time, because you can actually be productive while doing any of them.

An annual subscription to Elocance is normally $86.99, so you should grab one now while it’s being offered at 50% off. All you have to do is enter the code ELO#2@21 in the account section of the app after you download it.

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