Bright Cellars uses data to match you with wines you'll love

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No need to feel guilty about indulging in a glass of your favorite vino – wine delivers many health benefits when consumed in proper quantities. Research indicates that wine can positively influence human organ function, chronic diseases, and the reduction of damage to the cardiovascular system, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. So yes, the glass of red that you enjoy at the end of a long day really does make a difference.

Yet the process of discovering new wines remains more complicated than necessary. After all, who wants to spend extended periods of time around hordes of people at grocery or liquor stores these days? Plus, how do you know that the next wine you pick from the multitude of options will be a hit instead of a flop? Well, those are two areas of the discovery and experiential wine process where a service like Bright Cellars makes all the difference.

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club that matches you with wine you’ll love. Created by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, Bright Cellars is on a mission to democratize the wine world, and it hopes to do so with an algorithm that matches you with wines based on your personal preferences. This wine club translates your food and lifestyle preferences into data through a quick and convenient palate quiz. With the data from your quiz, Bright Cellars then matches you with new wines from around the world (think Spain, Portugal, Australia, South America, South Africa, and Australia) and delivers them straight to your front door. In other words, you never have to lug heavy bottles of wine from the store to your car again. And you can be confident that your experience will pair perfectly with your unique tastes. 

Alongside offering everyone personalization and convenience when it comes to discovering and enjoying high-quality wines, Bright Cellars also makes the wine world more accessible by inspiring and educating the next generation of connoisseurs. For example, each shipment offers a unique unboxing experience that includes wine education cards. These cards talk about the region of each wine, tasting notes, serving temperatures, food pairings, and more. Want to host a virtual wine night with friends or family and impress them with your sommelier-like knowledge? How about planning the perfect date night with your significant other by cooking a meal that pairs perfectly with your wine? You’ll get all the information you need to make it happen with the educational cards included in your order.

Wine, a healthful drink with a rich and diverse history, is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Bright Cellars continues to democratize the wine world through its convenient and personalized service, which connects members with high-quality, new wine from around the globe. Anyone looking to discover something new today can head over to Bright Cellars and save 50 percent on their first six-bottle box of wine (a $45 value).

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