Bump up your 1080p game with a 27-inch high refresh rate monitor for $200

A PC monitor with a space scene on it predominantly blue and black.Image: Sceptre

If you’re stuck rocking old hardware due to graphics card pricing madness, then today is a good day to upgrade to a high refresh rate 1080p monitor instead. Amazon is selling the 27-inch Sceptre E275B gaming monitor for $200, which is down from the usual price of $230-$240.

The Sceptre E275B is an IPS display with a maximum 165Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort. If you’d rather go with HDMI, then the refresh rate maxes out at 144Hz. Either way, you’re getting far and above the usual 60Hz for non-gaming monitors, which can have a significant impact on visuals. That’s especially true when you pair this monitor with a FreeSync-compatible graphics card. That way you get high frame rates with next to no stutter. However, this will require your graphics card to be able to handle your game at 1080p above 60pfs, which may be a problem for some graphics-intensive games depending on your card.

This display also has a one millisecond response time, a pair of built-in speakers, and a maximum brightness of 320 nits. Although the brightness is well outside of HDR range, it will still make for some nice colors.

It’s a good day to get a solid looking monitor at a great price.

[Today’s deal: 27-inch Sceptre E275B for $200 at Amazon.]

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