Colorful's newest RTX graphics cards are a blank canvas for modders

Colorful customization RTX cardsImage: Colorful

Most PC users are fine with the default look of whatever comes with their computers and/or parts. But a few of them go all-out with customization, starting with the lighting or case color and running the gamut to fully customized works of art. The graphics card itself generally isn’t part of that, aside from perhaps a few RGB lights here and there. But the latest RTX graphics card design from Colorful is meant to be a blank slate for your creativity.


One of Colorful’s cooler designs is already more flat and spacious than other RTX models, eschewing molded plastic for simple squared-off look, with a unique fan design that draws air through a large opening in the PCB itself. The new “Customization” cards take advantage of this, with a backplate design that’s easily removable via a magnetic mechanism. Each of the new cards (3060, 3060 Ti, and 3070 available as of today) come with two backplates in the box: one brushed aluminum, one flat white.

On top of that, they come with a pair of anime-inspired vinyl decals that can be applied to them. With fairly simple geometry on the backplate, it’s easy to design your own alternative, have it printed, and slap it on there. The front of the card is perhaps less interesting (especially since it has a big cutout for a fully exposed heatsink and secondary fan), but it comes in a pearlescent purple-green finish that’s unique. A strip of LED lighting runs along the border, customizable within the iGame Center app.


Colorful’s cards are a bit harder to find in the US than alternatives like ASUS, MSI, or Gigabyte, even before the unprecedented shortage brought on by supply chain issues, a cryptocurrency boom, and reselling bastards scalpers. Even so, the Customization line might be worth tracking down for PC gamers who love to make art out of their hardware. They tend to show up on Newegg.

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