Cooler Master’s thermoelectric AIO cooler is smaller than we expected

Late last year, Cooler Master released the MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero, a unique version of its liquid coolers featuring thermoelectric cooling. Created in partnership with Intel, this AIO targets high-performance builders looking to squeeze the most out of single or low core-count overclocking. Cooler Master touted it as an alternative to solutions such as liquid nitrogen—a turn-key option that you didn’t need to fuss over.

A sample crossed our desk earlier in the year, but only recently were we able to finally go hands-on with it. As you’ll see in our video above, the cooler isn’t nearly as massive as the box lead us to believe. It installs in a straightforward manner too, though the water block and pump are separate and will require a bit more contemplation for how you’ll lay out your build.

Inside the water block is Intel’s Cryo Cooling Technology, a thermoelectric unit that Cooler Master explains as a combination of “hardware, software, and firmware designed to unleashed elite performance.” More concretely, the tech combines the use of a circuit board, sensors, and a physical seal to help minimize condensation and improve performance. In conjunction with the separate pump, this setup is supposed to be better at maintaining lower, stable temps.

Our hands-on time is mostly exploratory—a quick check to see how much it differs from a standard AIO. Check out our video to see this 360mm liquid cooler up close and personal, and if you like what you see, you can stop by Newegg to pick one up. Be warned though, that this style of cooler doesn’t come cheap: You’ll have to pony up $350 for the MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero.

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