Cyber Week: The FlashRouter Netgear R6400 is just $176 with code

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Your home Wi-Fi network, even if it’s password-protected, probably isn’t completely secure. That’s because passwords can be hacked, which in turn leaves you vulnerable. But there are ways to beef up security without taking on a lot of expense, such as by upgrading to the FlashRouter Netgear R6400 — on sale during Cyber Week.

The FlashRouter Netgear R6400 DD-WRT VPN Privacy Router is a wireless network centerpiece that upgrades your WiFi signal for the newest Wireless-AC devices, while still supporting older Wireless-G and Wireless-N technologies. It’s compatible with all ISP’s and supported VPNs, it’s easy to use even for non-techies, and it features three powerful antennas to handle all your browsing and streaming needs.

If you want superior protection for all the devices on your network, then upgrading to the FlashRouter Netgear R6400 should be a no-brainer. And especially this week since you can pick one up for only $175.99 (reg. $274) during our Cyber Week Sale with code CYBER20. 

FlashRouter Netgear R6400 DD-WRT VPN Privacy Router – $175.99 with code CYBER20

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