Discover the many benefits to learning American Sign Language

Virtual ASLImage: StackCommerce

Approximately one million people in the US use American Sign Language to communicate. And that means there’s good reason for you to learn it too, even if you don’t personally know anyone who’s deaf. So we’ve put together The Complete 2022 American Sign Language Lifetime Membership Bundle and priced it at just $29.99 so basically anyone can afford it.

The Complete 2022 ASL Lifetime Membership Bundle is a web-accessible, CPD accredited training program that can teach virtually anyone how to sign. It features five courses and one eBook that covers the basics — like the ABCs, numbers, and fingerspelling — and gradually moves students into more advanced communication skills. It’s beginner-friendly, there are no class schedules to stick to, and since you’ll enjoy lifetime access you can keep going back to it to keep your skills fresh.

When you consider the many benefits of learning ASL beyond communication with the deaf, then it’s easy to see why this package is such a great deal. Especially since in-person classes are far more expensive and often have difficult schedules by comparison.

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