Elevate your desktop with this $22 VESA monitor arm

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As a multi-monitor user for over two decades, I can say that VESA-compatible arms are an essential part of my workstation setup. Since I also have back problems, getting my screens up to a proper ergonomic height (well above most built-in monitor stands) is a big deal. And speaking of deals, you can pick up your own VESA-standard monitor arm for just $22 on Amazon.

These mounts are a pretty basic design you see just about everywhere, but usually at around three times the price. A steel bar attaches to a flat desktop, with either a sturdy clam or a drilled-through bolt (which can work great if you already have a cable organizer hole in your desk). Then you get a two-segment arm with three points of articulation for perfectly placing your screen, plus a hydraulic gas spring for even more height adjustment.

Any monitor compatible with standard VESA mounting (100mm by 100mm) will work, so long as it’s under 20 pounds for the display. That means most standard monitors should be in the clear, though you might want to break out the scale if your screen is 32 inches or larger. My 34-inch ultrawide Acer is 21.4 pounds, for example.

To get the best price, head to the Amazon listing and make sure you click the 10 percent coupon before adding it to your cart. That’ll bring the $23.99 sale price down to just $21.59 before tax. Not bad, not bad at all. If you need more options, be sure to check out PCWorld’s roundup of the best monitor arms.

Get a VESA gas spring monitor arm for just $22 at Amazon

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