Embrace glorious 1440p gaming with this big, fast, never-cheaper LG monitor

lggamingmonitorImage: LG

Amazon is trying to keep it a secret, but the online retailer has a great deal a big, fast 1440p monitor today. The LG 32GK650-F with a 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync is on sale for $297. That matches the all-time low price, but Amazon may not show you the deal until you’ve hit the Add to cart button.

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This is well-spec’d monitor from a well-known manufacturer, and at 32-inches, it’s big. LG’s display comes with a 2560-by-1440 resolution—PC gaming’s sweet spot, offering a big visual upgrade over 1080p without the GPU strain of 4K resolution—and AMD’s FreeSync technology for buttery-smooth gaming experiences. Even better, this excellent monitor works with FreeSync all the way up to 144Hz over DisplayPort, and up to 100Hz over HDMI, rather than only being supported in a smaller range of frame rates.

To make the most of this monitor you’re going to need a graphics card that can support those sweet, sweet 1440p visuals. Our guide to the best graphics cards can help if you need some new hardware.

Of course, getting a new graphics card is no easy task right now thanks to a series of unfortunate events. But if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming rig during a time when it’s impossible to find a GPU at sane prices, spending your cash on a swanky high-speed monitor should provide a tangible quality-of-life upgrade for both work and play, especially if you’re currently using a standard 60Hz 1080p display.

[Today’s deal: 32-inch LG 1440p 144Hz monitor with FreeSync at Amazon.]

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