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Every dog owner wants to give their pooch the best life possible. Sometimes to do so, it helps to know more about your dog than just what’s on the surface. That’s where the DNA My Dog Essential Breed ID Test comes in. This intuitive genetic test for dogs is painless, quick, and it’s on sale for 15% off now.

This essential breed ID test provides a complete breed breakdown of your dog’s DNA mix and heritage. You’ll also get valuable information like unique personality traits to those breeds, genetic health concerns you need to be aware of, and tips to help you bond to your specific dog. There are more than 350 breeds in the genetic DNA database so you can get truly detailed information.

All you need to do is order your test kit and register online, do a painless swab of your dog’s mouth, and send it back to wait for the results. Most results arrive in about two weeks.

Find out more valuable information about your dog. Right now, you can get the DNA My Dog Essential Breed ID Test for 15% off $79 at just $67.99.


DNA My Dog Essential Breed ID Test – $67.99

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