Firefox 124 is here! These are the new features

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Mozilla just released Firefox 124.0, adding some fresh features while eliminating several security vulnerabilities.

What’s new: “Caret Browsing” now also works in the PDF viewer. With Caret Browsing, which is part of the browser’s accessibility features, you can place a cursor in the text on a web page in Firefox and then control it with the arrow keys. You activate Caret Browsing in Firefox by pressing the F7 key. Click on “Yes” in the pop-up that opens, then click in the text with the cursor and use the arrow keys to move the cursor. Another click on F7 ends Caret Browsing again.

In the Firefox view, you can now sort open tabs either by last activity or by tab order. Sorting by the last activity is the default setting. Firefox now also utilizes the jump list of the Windows taskbar more efficiently, which should result in a faster browsing experience.

Exciting for Mac users: Firefox on the Mac now uses the macOS full-screen API for all types of full-screen windows. This should better match the expected macOS user experience for full-screen panes, menu bar and the dock.

In addition, Firefox 124 fixed at least 12 security vulnerabilities, including one rated as critical. You can read the complete changelog here.

How to get the update to Firefox 124

Firefox usually updates itself or installs the update after a restart. However, if you want to update Firefox yourself, you can do so. Click on the menu button menu button de fx89 at the top right and then on “Help > About Firefox”. Firefox will now show you the update and you click on “Restart Firefox” to complete the update.

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