Geologie provides men with an effective, simple-to-use skincare regimen

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The last year has been the season for self-care, but guys have been missing a serious part of self-improvement: skincare. Some dismiss skincare as complicated, time consuming, or worse, unmanly; nothing could be further from the truth. 

Skincare companies like Geologie make it easy for men to develop a routine that’s quick and customized. Forget about cucumber slices; grab a routine you can do in minutes right from home.

Put On Your Best Face

Fellas let’s be upfront: nice skin is sexy. Research shows that clear skin is more attractive than big biceps, cut jawline, or washboard abs. Everyone sees your face, and it’s the first thing they notice. Not taking care of your skin is the dermatology equivalent of the sniff-test–it screams that you only do the bare minimum.

With clear skin, you’re showing off your health, vitality, and that you have it together. Geologie makes it simple to develop a routine to look fantastic every day with a custom questionnaire that you can do in 30 seconds, and quality products to look your best. Now Geologie is offering their personalized trial set for as low as $20. No commitments–just try it out and see if you like it.

Take Care of Your Health

Guys take supplements, work out, and track their food but ignore the largest organ in their body: their skin! Skin cancer is serious, with melanoma being 6% of all new cancer cases in men and skin cancer being the most common cancer for men under 50. A skincare routine goes a long way to keeping your skin healthy and cancer-free.

Integrating UV-protection is easy with Geologie, their products provide SPF protection with your everyday routine. Sun protection prevents cancer, wrinkles, and early aging! You can pull off a Paul “always look 30” Rudd look well into middle-age. Look youthful and stay healthy for decades.

Feel Great Every Day

It’s a trick of psychology that when you dress a certain way you act differently. Wear a suit, act professional; wear a lab coat, be attentive. Skin care is similar; you take care of your face, you’ll see yourself in a new light. A routine makes you look good and says you deserve to look good. Your skincare routine shows the best of you, inside and out.

Geologie can adapt to your busy schedule. Common routines only take a few minutes, whether you’re a young guy looking to beat acne fast or someone who wants to keep looking great.

Get that Grow-Up Glow-Up

Glowing skin means you aren’t just lazily slathering some hand soap over your face. Clear skin represents that you are a grown man. Whether for a job interview or getting that swipe right, good skin says you’ve got the whole package. If you’re ready to look your best, subscribe to Geologie now for 40% off your first purchase.

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