Get a 3-yr, 100GB subscription to G Cloud Mobile Backup for only $18

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Lost your smartphone? Then all the data that was stored within it is also gone for good. Which is why it’s a good idea to backup your device as often as you can. And, for that, you’re unlikely to find a better option than G Cloud Mobile Backup, especially this week since a 3-year subscription is on sale for just $17.99.

G Cloud Mobile Backup is a highly rated service that offers a safe and reliable way to back up your mobile devices. You just sync your phone to your 100GB account and your files will be securely tucked away so you can access them at any time. It’s next-level security against all kinds of cyber threats, you can upload everything from call logs to messages to media, and you can even sort your saved data so everything is easy to find.

If you have a mobile device, then G Cloud Mobile Backup is a must — And particularly so if you have a habit of losing phones or otherwise upgrading every couple of years like most of us tend to do. When you consider the cost of most other cloud backup options, then this one at this price makes a great deal of sense. 

G Cloud Mobile Backup 100GB Plan: 3-Year Subscription – $17.99

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