Get Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 8 for $45 right now

the fire hd 8Image: Amazon

Amazon has a solid deal on its Kindle Fire tablets, but the online retailer is having trouble shipping them in a timely manner right now. The 32GB Fire HD 8 is just $45, but shipping time for most colors is 6 to 8 weeks. That’s where Best Buy comes in. They have the same pricing as Amazon, but with standard shipping times.

The Fire HD 8 features an 8-inch 1280-by-800 IPS display with the aforementioned 32GB of storage. It also has 2GB of device memory (RAM) and there’s a microSD slot for more storage.

The downside of Amazon’s tablets is that the Fire app store is not as versatile as it should be. For example, some key apps like Google’s YouTube are missing. This can be remedied by installing the Play Store, though that does require a few extra steps and an online tutorial or two.

Even without the full Amazon experience, you get access to most streaming services and a good amount of mobile games. You also get easy access to your Amazon stuff including the storefront, Amazon Video, Kindle, and more.

If you live in Amazon’s world or hang out there some of the time, the Fire HD tablets are an excellent low-cost choice.

[Today’s deal: 32GB Kindle Fire HD 8 for $45 at Best Buy.]

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