HP's Elite Dragonfly integrates Tile for easier tracking on the go

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HP’s Elite Dragonfly is already flying high among corporate laptops, proving that you can have a thin, light, and beautiful machine that still offers all the durability and security that IT departments require. Now the Elite Dragonfly is adding more surprises by offering an integrated Tile option. 

Announced Sunday at CES in Las Vegas, the Tile component will be available later in the year for an as-yet-unknown price. It fits into the Elite Dragonfly’s spare M.2 slot and includes its own auxiliary battery, so it can continue to operate even if the laptop loses all power. Tile is developing a browser-based version of the Tile app, so you can track the HP Elite Dragonfly and any other Tile devices from a computer as well as from your phone.  

If you’re a Tile user (as I am), you know that if you wanted to track your laptop, you’d need to tape a Tile to the display lid or do something similiarly tacky and impermanent. Tile integration isn’t easy—here you’re giving up an M.2 slot, and in any other laptop you’d have to find someplace for it. Right now it’s just a clever add-in for one product, but who knows: Maybe someday it’ll be as ubiquitous as Kensington lock ports. 

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