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While the old-school view of the workplace has office workers toiling away as the manager strolls through rows of cubicles asking about TPS Reports, the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the trend away from the pre-globalization company layout. This improves the quarterly numbers on the surface, but logistics and communications end up being a huge headache as distances between managers, employees, and customers increase. Dealing with crying babies, an unstructured environment, and the inability to pop into a coworker’s office can slow down projects more than we think.

The increasing demand for streamlined, integrated communications platforms has led to the development of business-support tools like Livestorm. Managers need to be able to move quickly in response to external developments and customer demands; that means they require an integrated communications platform that organizes meetings, analyzes data, and communicates with the entire suite of software that a company may already be using. Livestorm is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows companies to seamlessly move between marketing, data analytics, internal communication, and event support.

In the business world, being able to shift quickly between tasks and roles is just as important as thoroughly completing one job. With their platform integration, Livestorm understands that you and your customers use a number of different products and apps, so they’ve designed their system to work alongside over 1000 apps, including Slack, HubSpot, Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Eventbrite. You’ll be able to move from customer management to sales analytics without leaving your meeting. Working remotely won’t even stop you from expanding your company, as Livestorm has programs designed for job interviews and onboarding.

Expanded media choice means that businesses must reach their clients through more avenues than ever. Livestorm takes care of this by supporting remote podcasting as well as Youtube Live, Twitch, and live streaming. You can further tailor Livestorm to your business needs with the in-platform Livestorm API and Developers Portal. Don’t even worry about anything being lost in translation, as Livestorm comes with built-in translation for emails, landing pages, and webinars in more than 20 languages.

The reviews of Livestorm are in, and with almost 400 reviews averaging 4.71 stars on Software Advice, Livestorm has a proven track record. Digital marketer NextLevel said:

“We were using Zoom and Adobe Connect for webinars and meetings. We switched to Livestorm and haven’t looked back. The best part of Livestorm is how well it always works. No glitches, nothing to figure out how to fix. And when we have had a question for support, they’re amazingly fast.”

You can also read use cases by companies Workable and, and how they boosted their event attendance and internal management through Livestorm. With a free trial along with three price tiers, you can customize the level of support that Livestorm gives you before you buy.

The world is changing rapidly, and unless managers adapt along with it, they’ll have difficulty in meeting the needs of their clients. Livestorm will give you all the tools you need to successfully navigate the world of remote work and long-distance coordination with ease.

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