Keep your mind and skills sharp for life with this $180 e-training bundle

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There are many documented benefits to lifelong learning. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how many college degrees you already have, or what kind of work you do. If you invest in your education and devote yourself to it for life, then the world will be yours.

That’s why we’re offering The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle and discounting it by over 90 percent. It gives you the opportunity to learn a wide range of cutting-edge skills for now and the future, and it’s offered at a price that’s so low virtually anyone can afford it.

So, what’s included? Well, first, a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, the critically acclaimed language learning app that’s been used by top organizations from all over the world for the past 27 years. With it, you could learn to speak up to 24 different languages — which is certainly a benefit for anyone who likes to travel, or for those that want to work internationally.

Second, you’ll also receive a lifetime subscription to StackSkills Unlimited, a one-stop source of all your tech training needs. They offer over 1,000 courses, each delivered by top instructors, that teach students coding, advanced IT skills, business leadership, finance, and more. And new courses are added every month, so it’s future proof too.

If you want to keep your mind and skills as sharp as a tack over the long haul, then The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle is a must purchase. And especially this week since you can buy the whole thing for just $179, a savings of over $1,500 off the regular value.

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone – $179

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