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As far as coding languages go, JavaScript has never been more relevant. That’s because it allows programmers to add interactive elements to websites and apps, which is something that’s really popular right now. Want a beginner-friendly introduction? Then purchase The 2021 Learn to Code JavaScript Certification Bundle, offered right now at way below its normal value.

This e-training package includes nine beginner-friendly courses, delivered by web technology experts Laurence Svekis and Yassin Marco, that introduce students to programming with JavaScript. They’ll learn the basics, discover how to develop games, and add them to websites and apps, and they’ll walk away with a valuable skill that could lead to future employment.

Here’s how to works: Go to the bundle’s deal page and check out the average price. Simply beat that price — even if only by a penny — and you’ll get the whole nine-course package, a $1,1791 value, for that amount. Or pay any lesser amount and you’ll still get the popular JavaScript for Beginners course, valued at $199 by itself, for that number. Either way, you’ll be getting some pretty hefty training materials for next to nothing.

 Pay What You Want: The 2021 Learn to Code JavaScript Certification Bundle – $45

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