Learn the essentials of using your OS with 10 self-help books from Barnes & Noble

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With how interconnected and digitized the world is today, you can’t overestimate how important computer literacy is. Without experience and knowledge of how to work on computers, tablets, or mobile phones, people run the risk of missing out on crucial opportunities like jobs, community programs, public benefits, or just connecting with their long-distance families.

Even some of those who do regularly use computers don’t understand how they actually work and run into common problems when they need to troubleshoot issues or fall victim to tech-support scams. Barnes & Noble has a list of top tech books for those of us looking to brush up on our understanding of PCs.

This list has something for all folks, even those who want to branch into Linux! So grab one for yourself or a family member, saving you the headache of always having to reset the router when you visit home!

Windows 10 in Easy Steps – Special Edition

This book by Mike McGrath is perfect for anyone who has used Windows before but is a little unsure of all the new features in Windows 10. Designed to be comprehensive yet concise, Windows 10 in Easy Steps gives the reader the opportunity to walk through each new program in Windows 10 one at a time. Guiding readers through the new Start menu, Microsoft Edge (replacing Explorer), Cortana, and OneDrive, Mike will make sure that the reader knows how to find whatever they need.

Get the friendly, comprehensive Windows 10 in Easy Steps – Special Edition today.

Windows 10 for Dummies

The Dummies series has provided us with great, beginner-friendly information on almost every topic since 1991, and Windows 10 is no different. Author Andy Rathbone leverages his decades of experience with Windows OS to provide the reader with an understanding of the nuts and bolts of Windows. The book dives into the mechanics of running Windows 10, including customizing the desktop, selecting security settings, managing users, connecting to a wireless printer, and more. 

Dummies, and those of us looking for a reference guide, should grab Windows 10 for Dummies!

Windows 10 for Seniors

Another entry into the Dummies series, this book is designed especially for the older folks amongst us. Author Peter Weverka has written this book to make the experience of learning about Windows 10 as painless as possible. Rather than fill up his book with computer jargon, he just gets straight to the point. Step-by-step instructions let you follow along on how to secure your computer, follow family and friends, and enjoy some of the latest Windows games.

Pick up the Windows 10 for Seniors; you won’t even have to go uphill both ways in the snow!

Teach Yourself Visually Windows 10

Paul McFedries wrote this book to help those of us who can only seem to retain information when it’s delivered visually. This book uses the tried-and-true format for visual learners, using step-by-step instructions illustrated with full-color screenshots to show the mechanics of Windows 10 like working with files, optimizing performance, system maintenance, setting up multiple user accounts, managing media and so much more. Seeing is believing when it comes to this how-to guide.

For anyone looking to understand Windows through screenshots and photos, Teach Yourself Visually Windows 10 has everything they need.

Windows 10 All-In-One for Dummies

Another entry from the Dummies series, this book by Ciprian Rusen is the comprehensive guide to Windows that you have been looking for. If you’re a bit beyond the beginner stage and looking to get a better grasp of the complexities, this is the book for you. Controlling, enhancing, and securing your Windows 10 system are covered in detail by this instruction manual. You’ll finally understand that when you have a bad driver, it isn’t an insult…

Get the Windows 10 All-In-One for Dummies, and resolve almost any issue you encounter in the latest version of Windows.

Windows 10 Portable Genius

The Portable Genius series is a compact, handy guide for those of us who don’t have the time to sit and digest a how-to book. Cutting out the jargon and the fluff, author Paul McFedries gives you the low down on how to handle your Windows 10 PC. You’ll get all the tips, tricks, and advice on installing and repairing applications, system maintenance, setting up password-protected accounts, downloading photos to your computer, staying safe online, and so much more.Windows 10 Portable Genius is the perfect beach read for the person who wants to always be productive.

Linux in Easy Steps

Linux is the OS for those of us who want to customize everything about our computers. If you’ve heard about Linux but haven’t dived in, here’s your chance. Author Mike McGrath guides you through beginning your Linux journey including how to download, install, and customize Linux as well as guide you around the Desktop and many of the most popular Linux apps. Mike introduces the kernel at the heart of every OS, and how Linux lets you manipulate yours.

Take total control of your PC with Linux in Easy Steps and create a custom system just for you.

How Linux Works – 3rd Edition

The Linux operating system is the power behind Android, Chromebooks, web servers, and the public cloud. Over 60 million users are in the Linux community, and this how-to guide by author Brian Ward will give you the know-how to be a member. He’ll peel back the layers of the Linux interface to explain the mechanics behind how this incredibly popular OS works. You’ll learn how the kernel manages devices, how shared libraries work, how to use development tools, how to write comprehensive shell scripts, and much more.

Become a Linux pro and the envy of your computer friends with How Linux Works – 3rd Edition!

The Art of WebAssembly

WebAssembly is the fast, high-powered technology that increases the performance of web applications and programs to their maximum. Anyone looking to enter the field of web development would be well-served by picking up WebAssembly, and this introductory book by Rick Battagline delivers. Learn how to use WebAssembly Text (WAT) to build browser-based programs as well as debug, evaluate, and optimize WebAssembly code.

Anyone who wants to branch out into web development will be thrilled to get their hands on The Art of WebAssembly.

How Cybersecurity Really Works

This comprehensive beginner’s guide to cybersecurity by Sam Grubb is everything that everyone — from computer science students to office professionals — needs to ensure that all of their work is safe, secure, and private. Going over common attacks from malicious actors, Grubb covers defensive strategies as well as how to implement sophisticated cybersecurity measures. If you’ve ever been confused by the difference between phishing, malware, social engineering, trojans, and just a plain old virus, this is the book for you.

Get peace of mind, and an understanding of cybersecurity threats, with How Cybersecurity Really Works.

Barnes & Noble is an excellent source for more than just self-help, it’s a catalog of books that spans genres. Its recommendations and bookseller reviews provide you with new opportunities to discover books you’ve never heard of before. Check out this classic bookstore today!

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