Learn the in's and out's of robotics with this elite training bundle

Raspberry PiImage: StackCommerce

Want a career with upside? Then you might consider working in automation. After all, robots are already commonly found in a lot of industries today, and their usage is only expected to grow over time.

This web-based training package features five highly rated courses from software engineer and entrepreneur Edouard Renard that introduce students to ROS technologies. Students will learn the basics of robotics using beginner-friendly technologies like the Raspberry Pi mini-PC and Arduino microcontrollers, plus they’ll discover how to build their own creations, as well as how to program them for all kinds of purposes. 

The career possibilities in the robotics and automation field are pretty wide-ranging. If this is an area you want to explore, give yourself a solid foundation with The 2021 Raspberry Pi and Arduino Bootcamp Bundle. Normally offered at $995.00, you can now get it for just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.

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