May GeForce be with you: Nvidia made an Admiral Ackbar RTX 4080

admiral ackbar rtx 4080Image: Nvidia

There are thousands of characters in the Star Wars universe, but Admiral Ackbar has a special place in many fans’ hearts. The squidy admiral from Mon Calamari (yes, that’s a real, fictional place in Star Wars) is beloved for a single line read in Return of the Jedi. And as if he needed it, Nvidia immortalized him with a custom-painted GeFource RTX 4080 for May the Fourth.

The graphics card comes with a one-of-a-kind painting done by Blue Horse Studios, substituting the GPU’s beefy intake fan for the second Death Star. And Nvidia is giving it away (in a method which, we are assured, is not a trap), along with a Funko Pop figure of Akbar and a commemorative comic book. All you need to do is reply to the relevant tweet with the #RTXON hashtag.

It’s a little strange that Nvidia is giving away the non-Super variant of the RTX 4080 now that the more powerful version is launched, but I’m sure any Star Wars fan would give their right tentacle-claw-thing in order to own it anyway. Live Long and Prosper, I suppose.

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