Microsoft's AI Copilot may be coming to Windows 10 after all

Microsoft Copilot im neuen Windows 11-UpdateImage: Microsoft

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out its new AI assistant Copilot to Windows 11 as part of the massive 2023 Update. Now, sources tell Windows Central that the company is eager to bring Copilot to Windows 10 as well.

This goes against previous reports that Microsoft has shifted all focus to Windows 11 when it comes to introducing new features, but according to Windows Central, the company does not want to risk “missing” the large percentage of people still running Windows 10.

Most Windows users have not made the leap to Windows 11. More than a billion devices are still running Windows 10 according to the latest statistics, far outpacing Windows 11’s adoption. Microsoft wants them using Copilot AI as well, according to Windows Central. Microsoft also reportedly wants to make it more attractive for developers to build plug-ins for Copilot by being able to show a higher potential user figure.

Windows Central also asked its sources about the end date of the support for Windows 10. This is currently set for October 14, 2025, but according to the sources, internal discussions are ongoing about a possible extension. No decision has been made yet however.

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