Modern Cyber Protection: The Digital Must-have for Home Users

Digital advances have reinvented how most of us work, organize our lives, and communicate with friends. As individuals, we’re more dependent on data than at any time in history, which means protecting the data, applications, and systems we rely on is a serious concern.

The potential for data loss, corruption, theft, and manipulation has never been greater:

cybersecurity solutions obsolete

A new, holistic approach is needed — one that’s specifically designed to address these realities. That’s where the emerging field of cyber protection comes in.

Conquering today’s threats with cyber protection

Comprehensive cyber protection addresses these challenges by unifying backup and cybersecurity capabilities in one. Pioneered by Acronis, this unique approach is designed to address the IT protection challenges we all face today.

Safety: Ensuring that a reliable copy of your data is always available

Accessibility: Making your data easily available from anywhere, at any time

Privacy: Controlling who has visibility and access to your data

Authenticity: Having undeniable proof a copy of your data is an exact replica of the original

Security: Protecting your data, applications, and systems against malicious threats

The issue is balancing these five vectors of cyber protection, which can often compete with one another. Locking a hard drive inside a vault guarantees the data’s safety and privacy, for example, but makes the data inaccessible and therefore useless from a practical standpoint.

Balancing competing needs

Using multiple solutions, each designed to cover a particular vector, brings serious disadvantages. No matter how good an individual tool might be, cobbling together a patchwork of them creates gaps in your defenses. It’s easy to miss an alert or recommendation if you have to jump between different dashboards. 

Integrated solutions, on the other hand, balance these competing priorities without creating dangerous security gaps. A single solution like Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) makes handling data protection and cybersecurity simple, since everything is managed via one unified dashboard.

Integration also reduces the total cost of protection. Instead of buying two or three different solutions — and learning to use them all — you only need one.

More importantly, because the backup and cybersecurity capabilities are designed to work together from the start, a true cyber protection solution can do things that standalone solutions can’t — such as automatically restoring files that are damaged in a ransomware attack. 

Final thought

At home or on the go, the modern world demands we pay closer attention to protecting our data and devices. Given the shortcomings of traditional approaches, adopting cyber protection strategies and solutions ensures safety from the ever-evolving cyberattacks that threaten us now and in the future.

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