My favorite Brother printer is just $99 today

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Printers suck. That’s not just a general whine — as a former printshop worker, that’s my professional opinion. Filled with pricey ink and prone to constant failure, they’re the bane of home offices. But Brother laser printers have a reputation for reliability, and again, I can vouch for this one. Today you can get one of the most affordable, reliable printers out there for under $100.

I bought a Brother HL-L2315DW three years ago when I got tired of driving to Staples to print out every Amazon return label, and it’s been fantastic. Laser printers use powder toner instead of liquid ink, lasting much longer and being far cheaper to replace. It can connect over USB or Wi-Fi, so I don’t need to keep it near my desktop, and the printing is fast and reliable.

I kinda love it, which is something I never thought I’d say about a cheap printer. Today’s deal is a nearly identical model, the HL-L2325DW, and the only difference I can see on the spec sheet is that it prints slightly faster and can handle heavier paper. The only thing that it doesn’t do is color printing, which is fine for my basic needs — printing out the occasional letter or D&D character sheet.

And unlike certain printer manufacturers we could mention, Brother’s printers accept third-party toner cartridges. I picked up a couple from Amazon and I haven’t even gotten through one high-capacity cartridge yet. Today Walmart has the HL-L2325DW on sale for $99 flat with free shipping. Note that some of our PCWorld team members are showing it as out of stock, and some aren’t, so it may not be available depending on your location.

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