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The video game industry raked in over $150 billion last year. If you want a piece of that action, and you have an interest in coding, then a career as a pro game developer could be right up your alley. Want a low-risk way to find out whether it’s for you? Then get the Hardcore Game Developer Certification Bundle, offered right now at way below the normal $1,990 value.

This web-based training package is ideal for anyone that has an idea for a new game but doesn’t know how to get it off the ground. It’ll show you how to code using a variety of languages, give you an introduction to game development basics, and it’ll walk you through the steps to create different types of games from scratch. There’s even a course that’ll show you how to make money from your games, so you can quickly claim a slice of that $150 billion pie.

Best of all, you get to decide how much the courses cost. Just go to the deal page and check out the average price. If you agree to spend more than that — even if only by a penny — then you’ll get the whole enchilada. Or, spend any lesser amount, and you’ll still receive access to the JavaScript Foundations course, which is valued at $199 all by itself. Either way, you’ll get a great deal on education that could pay off big time.

 The 2021 Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Developer Certification Bundle – $50

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