Played these games? Microsoft will give you 3 free months of PC Game Pass

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If you’re already playing Microsoft’s PC games, the company would like to offer you the opportunity to play even more with a free three-month trial of Microsoft’s fantastic Game Pass for PC. Game Pass usually costs $9.99 per month.

The new three-month deal was spotted by Kotaku, which referenced the deal that’s currently live on Microsoft’s web site. The offer is specifically designed for those gamers who have played one of Microsoft’s three major PC gaming titles: Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 or Age of Empires IV. The hook: if you’ve already bought one of these games, Game Pass will allow you to play all three as part of Microsoft’s subscription service.

If you’ve played one of those three games before Feb. 28 while logged into your Microsoft account, Microsoft will offer you a 3-month trial of PC Game Pass. The deal is only good for new Game Pass members.

Yes, there is a catch, but it’s in your favor: If you played the free Halo Infinite multiplayer, but did not buy the game, that meets the offer’s conditions, too. On the other hand, Microsoft appears to be playing hardball with the “only new members” stipulation: if you’ve ever owned Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass (previously called Xbox Game Pass for PC) you can’t take advantage of the subscription.

As we’ve written before, however, there are ways around this. Here’s our guide for getting Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for cheap by using Microsoft’s Gold subscription. You can also take advantage of Microsoft Rewards to accumulate enough points to pay for the service each month, just by performing searches within Microsoft Bing and playing Xbox games. Either method provides a good alternative to pay next to nothing for what is an excellent, Netflix-like subscription service to the latest games.

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