Samsung's fantastic SSDs ship fast during Amazon's big sale

samsung 860 evoImage: Samsung

Ever since Amazon went into pandemic mode it hasn’t had much in the way of multi-item tech sales. Today, however, Amazon’s loosening up a bit. The online retailer is throwing a big sale on Samsung internal and external SSDsRemove non-product link. This isn’t your usual sale though. Prices are barely cheaper than usual, and some are even slightly higher. The major appeal today? Most of Samsung’s excellent drives can actually show up at your door within a few days, which itself is nothing to sneeze at in an era when everything except essential items is taking forever to ship.

There’s a wide variety on offer, but a couple of deals in particular caught our eye.

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First up, is the celebrated 1TB Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-inch SSD for $168, down from $200. That’s a few dollars lower than the more recent pricing, and around the same price as a recent sale. The Samsung 860 EVO was our top pick as the best SSD for most people for more than five years. It’s since been replaced by an SK Hynix drive, but the 860 EVO comes in a strong second. We have no trouble recommending this speedy and reliable SATA III SSD.

The 500GB model is also available for $95, while the massive 4TB model is $650 (phew). The latter two are actually slightly more expensive than their recent selling prices, but if you buy them today, you can actually receive them soon.

Next up, the fantastic 500GB Samsung X5 portable SSD with Thunderbolt 3 is $200. This drive has been sitting at this price for a few days, and it’s a price we’ve seen before. Still, it beats the price we saw for most of April and a bit of early May by $20. We selected the Samsung X5 as the best portable Thunderbolt 3 drive for 2020 because of its speed and overall excellent performance. “Let’s just say it’s stupidly fast and kinda like putting a scorching Samsung 970 Pro in an enclosure that fits in your pocket,” we said.

Several versions of the Samsung X5 are available, along with various capacities of other Samsung solid-state storage we loved, including the Samsung 970 EVO NVMe drive and the portable Samsung T5, another award winner. Again, the prices on those aren’t anything to write home about—there are no ultra-steep deals here. The big draw is that you can get Samsung’s superb SSDs in your hands fast, finally.

Editor’s note: Apparently this isn’t a 24-hour sale, since the sale prices and fast ship times are still holding strong. We’ve updated this article to reflect that. It originally published on May 12.

[Today’s deal: Amazon Samsung SSD sale.Remove non-product link]

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