Save 26% off the purchase of 5 one year subscriptions to PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Plus adds an entirely new dimension to your gameplay. It lets you play alongside friends and others online, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and access to free games, plus you’ll be able to take advantage of Sony’s cloud-based storage options.

Don’t already have PlayStation Plus? Then the PlayStation Plus 5-yr Subscription Stackable Code Bundle may be your best opportunity to get it, especially since you can get web codes for 5 one-year memberships all at the same time for 26% less than retail.

To put that in perspective, a single one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus normally costs $59.99. With this offer, you’ll get 5 one-year subscriptions for just $219 — an overall savings of $80, or $16 per subscription. No coupon codes are required.

And best of all, you maintain control over how those 5 individual memberships are used. If you’re generous, you can keep one for yourself and give the other four to friends, thus ensuring you’ll all be able to play together.

Or, keep them all for yourself. With this offer, you can actually stack the five codes so you’ll enjoy half a decade’s worth of uninterrupted PlayStation Plus membership. 

Either way, you’ll enjoy a more robust gameplay experience and will have paid far less than you otherwise would have. 

PlayStation Plus: 5-Yr Subscription Stackable Code Bundle – $219

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