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Password managers have become necessary these days, particularly when you consider the sheer number of dangers that exist online. Which is why we recommend getting LastPass. And especially right now since you can get a one-year subscription for 30 percent less.

LastPass is an easy, safe, and more affordable option when compared to other password managers. Instead of choosing your own unique and sufficiently complex password for each of your accounts, the app does it for you. And it saves them too, so you won’t have to remember anything, nor write them down on the palm of your hand or otherwise record them.

When you log into your accounts, LastPass enters your password on your behalf so you’ll enjoy instant access. You won’t have to fumble about trying to remember a password you haven’t used in six months or run the risk of getting locked out. And you can install it on all your devices — including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets — so you can take it with you everywhere.

A one-year subscription to the LastPass Premium Plan normally costs $36 but, with this special offer, you can get it for only $24.99. That works out to just $2.08 per month, which is an incredible value considering what you get. 

A Year of LastPass Premium for only $2.08 a month! – $24.99

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