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A snapshot of online spending

According to a 2021 estimate from Digital Commerce 360, Americans spent $861 billion online in 2020. That’s an incredible figure by itself and one that’s even more remarkable considering online spending jumped up 44% from 2019. Clearly, the pandemic influenced this trend since it made almost everyone homebodies last year, forcing otherwise in-person shoppers to purchase goods online. Yet, e-commerce sales were already rising steadily before the pandemic, revealing an ongoing change in shopping behavior that reflects a growing preference among consumers for online shopping. 

However, this shopping trend in the digital age probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise to you. After all, you know computer technology like the back of your hand and know how impactful it is in shaping many, if not all, aspects of society. But, since online shopping is now so deeply entrenched and widely accepted, why isn’t online saving? In other words, while most online shoppers know there are certain days of the year (e.g., Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, etc.) when digital deals abound, why don’t online shoppers use coupons and hunt for discounts across stores like a prudent in-person shopper would?

Well, for starters, using digital coupons can be a frustrating and time-sucking process. No one wants to spend an entire lunch break in search of an email from a few months ago—and then discover that the coupon contained within it, much like its paper cousin, has an expiration date. Likewise, creating a spreadsheet to compare prices for products across multiple websites requires a ton of work upfront and, even more, to maintain throughout the seasonal shopping year. So, what are you supposed to do if you really want to save money and time online? Let computer technology solve the problem! And that’s precisely what Capital One Shopping can do for you, no matter if you’re a Capital One cardholder or not.

How Capital One Shopping helps you save money and time online

Capital One Shopping is a simple, free, and easy-to-install browser extension designed to help you save money and time when shopping online. As previously mentioned, you don’t need to be a Capital One cardholder to use this browser extension, and it only takes a few seconds to add this extension to the browser of your choice. Meaning, anyone with access to the internet and a desktop or laptop can start saving money and time when it comes to online shopping.

Capital One Shopping also provides an excellent user experience. All you need to do is shop like usual, and Capital One Shopping will magically work in the background, searching for every possible discount on your purchase. That means the browser extension can help you out in various ways, from automatically connecting you with digital coupons and discount codes before checkout to performing a price comparison and letting you know if the item in your cart is available for cheaper on a different website. For example, suppose you’re shopping for a new computer accessory on Amazon and add it to your cart. In that case, Capital One Shopping would point you to other sites before you check out that may have the same computer accessory at a better price.

In addition, Capital One Shopping comes with a helpful Watchlist feature. You can add items to a Watchlist and get notified when the items’ prices come down, as well as view a timeline of prices for all your selected items over a year. This tracking function helps everyone, from seasonal shoppers to resellers, get the most bang for their buck. Lastly, the extension seamlessly works when you shop online at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. In other words, no matter where you like to shop, you won’t overpay online again thanks to Capital One Shopping.

One click is all it takes to save online

Capital One Shopping is a simple, free, and easy-to-install browser extension perfect for saving money and time when shopping online. And that’s something we all need in today’s digital age. So, whether you’re a Capital One cardholder or not, head on over to Capital One Shopping today. After all, one click is all it takes to save online.

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