Seagate's Star Wars 'Beskar Steel' SSDs are storage fit for a bounty hunter

Seagate star wars SSDImage: Seagate

Licensed PC hardware tends to come in the form of things that are frequently seen: mice, keyboards, maybe a laptop or desktop enclosure every now and then. But if your love for Star Wars runs so deep that you want themed components that you’ll only see connected to your motherboard, Seagate has a collection of drives just for you. The new Beskar Ingot FireCuda collection looks like hunks of Beskar steel, sought after by the galaxy’s most ruthless bounty hunters.

The drives, available in M.2, 2.5-inch SATA, and external HDD flavors, aren’t any different from Seagate’s existing offerings in the same form factor. The M.2 SSD, for example, is the FireCuda 530 NVME drive underneath — one of our favorites for premium speedy storage. On the outside, they’re patterned with the swirls of the steel that goes into the Mandalorian’s near-impenetrable armor of choice, and stamped with the seal of the Empire like the ingots seen in the Disney+ show.


The 500GB and 1TB M.2 drives retail for $160 and $260, respectively, which is $10 more than their retail price (and quite a bit more than the street price, as flash storage is surprisingly cheap at the moment). SATA SSDs are available in 1TB and 2TB, while the external hard drive comes in 2TB only. They have similar premiums over their non-licensed counterparts.

But can you put a price on indulging your Star Wars fandom in digital storage form? Yes. The price is $10.

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