Shells can turn any connected device into a fully functional PC

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You can’t be in the office every minute of every day. Still, your team and clients will often call upon your expertise even when you’re away. So what are you supposed to do then? You use a cloud PC like Shells instead.

Shells interfaces with the browser on any connected device, including phones, tablets, TVs, and game consoles, and turns it into a desktop computer. That means you can connect to it from anywhere with a web connection and stay productive anytime you need. It starts up quickly, you can use it to do everything that a PC can do, and it stores all your files on the cloud so they’ll stay safe.

What makes having Shells so beneficial is not just the convenience but also the cost savings. Instead of spending hundreds on a physical computer, you can use Shells instead and get the productivity you need without the upfront investment. And it’s effective too, which is why it’s received a ton of attention from publishers like TechRadarSourceForge, and Geekflare.

If you need mobile computing power without the cost, Shells is a convenient option. And right now, one-year Basic Plans are discounted by 54 percent to just $64.99, so making it incredibly affordable. 

Shells™ Personal Cloud Computer: 1-Yr Subscription – $64.99

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