Start streaming for cheap with over 50% off EVGA's new video capture card

The XR1 Pro capture card with RGB lighting activatedImage: Evga

If you’re into streaming your gameplay, we’ve found a great deal for you. Best Buy is selling EVGA’s new XR1 Pro external capture card for just $105, which is down from the MSRP of $220. Amazon was selling it for $150 back in January and it has been dropping ever since. Regardless, this is the best price yet for a new streaming accessory that was just announced during CES 2022.

A capture card is essential for passing a video stream from a source device to the PC that handles streaming. It’s not necessary, however, if you’re playing and streaming from the same computer. We haven’t looked at this card, but given that it’s an external device, it should be fairly easy to set-up.

The XR1 Pro supports 1440p at 144Hz HDR or 4K 60Hz pass through. Capture and record maxes out at 1440p at 60 frames per second or 4K at 30fps. It’s also certified for OBS, the popular open source video recording software that many Twitch streamers use. This device also has customizable RGB LEDs and a built-in audio mixer control.

If you’re looking to get into streaming in 2022, this is a fabulous deal.

[Today’s deal: Evga XR1 Pro for $105 at Best Buy.]

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