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Most people learn by making mistakes. But business owners? They don’t have that luxury — And especially not when they first start out. Which is why, if you’ve got a new business and want to minimize risk, a lifetime subscription to the Founders’ Book is a must purchase.

The Founders’ Book is a collection of resources and tools that helps people navigate the normal difficulties around starting a new business. Intended for those new to entrepreneurship, it teaches students how best to launch their startup, promote it, and achieve their desired outcome — whether that be profit, audience growth, market penetration, or all of the above.

With a lifetime subscription, you’ll get access to over 1,000 tools and platforms across dozens of categories, over 2,000 articles and guides, financial modeling templates, and more. You’ll also receive offers that could save you thousands on software subscriptions, which will probably come in handy as your business grows over time.

At the end of the day, business startups are always risky. But if you go into it armed with education and lean on the experience of others — like you can when you get a lifetime subscription to the Founders’ Book, on sale today for $79 — then the dangers are reduced.  

Founders’ Book Lifetime Access – $79

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