Stock up on storage in Amazon's 24-hour SD card blowout sale

starmanmicrosdImage: SanDisk

Today is the day to add extra storage to your Nintendo Switch, Android phone, laptop, or DSLR camera. Amazon is throwing a 24 hour blowout sale on microSD cards and SD cardsRemove non-product link from a variety of major brands. The sale features all-time lows on a variety of cards, including some specially licensed for the Switch.

Act fast if you’re interested though! The sale ends just before midnight on Monday evening Pacific time. Here are some picks from the sale that we really liked.

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First up is a massive 1TB SanDisk microSD card for $140. That’s the all-time low for this card, and much better than the $175 to $180 it recently sold for. This microSD card offers a ridiculous amount of space that not too long ago was only something you could find on a hard drive. Just make sure your device’s microSD slot can recognize this capacity.

Next up, we have a 256GB microSD card for the Nintendo Switch for $39.29, pictured above. This particular card is all yellow and emblazoned with the image of Starman from Nintendo’s Mario series. This price is about average for a microSD card of this size, but for this specially licensed version, it’s a nice cut off the usual $50 price range.

Finally, we have a 1TB full-sized SD card from PNY for $168, which is a significant drop from its usual $210 price. Again, we have a massive bit of storage for those devices that can recognize it.

If you need some extra storage for your devices Amazon is the place to be today. We mostly focused on the massive capacities here, but you’ll find all different sizes available at Amazon’s 24-hour SD card sale. 

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