Stock up on storage with this 1-day sale on WD and SanDisk gear

sandiskswitchImage: SanDisk

If your PC, Android phone, or Nintendo Switch is constantly getting filled up, a little extra storage will help in a big way. And today’s sale has you covered. Amazon has slashed prices on WD and SanDisk drives and memory cardsRemove non-product link to levels we haven’t seen in a long time. Here are our top picks:

First up is the 5TB WD Black P10 for $100Remove non-product link. That’s not the all-time low, but it’s the best price we’ve seen since January when it hit $92. This USB 3 hard drive is designed for gamers so it’s compatible with Xbox and Playstation, but it’ll work just as well with a PC or a Mac.

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Next is the 1TB SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD for $135.79Remove non-product link. Again, this is not the all-time low, but it’s the best price we’ve seen since late 2019 when it hit $125. With excellent portability and speeds, this drive is our top pick as the best external performance drive.

And finally, we’ve got a 128GB SanDisk microSD card for $22.35Remove non-product link, the lowest it’s been since last year, and a couple of bucks off its all-time low. We’d usually tell you to avoid unnecessary Nintendo branding, but the 1UP mushroom is just too cool. But if you’re more practical than us, you can get twice as much storage for less than $10 moreRemove non-product link.

[Today’s deal: WD and SanDisk one-day sale on AmazonRemove non-product link]

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