Take Zoom meetings to the next level with ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom


Zoom has quickly established itself as one of the leading platforms for videoconferencing, remote working, and helping people survive lockdowns during a global pandemic. But, for all its prowess as a portal for meeting online, there remains a serious missing piece stopping it from becoming the total package as a productivity platform – the ability to collaborate on documents while on a call. 

Thankfully, the new ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom fixes this, turning video meetings into fully interactive workspaces where the whole team can pitch in to get things done. Best of all, it’s free and you don’t have to leave your Zoom call to use the features. 

Collaborate on MS Office docs and PDFs during Zoom calls

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom opens up new ways for teams, friends and even families to be productive and collaborate on Zoom calls. Once the free app is downloaded from the Zoom App marketplace and installed, you’re able to create, upload and edit documents for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as annotating PDFs. All of this takes place in the main call area with no need for additional screens or windows to be open. 


The documents can be worked on by multiple people simultaneously, with individuals on the call given either Editing or Live View permissions by the host. There are two co-editing modes to choose from: ‘Fast’, where changes are displayed in real-time, or ‘Strict’, where paragraph-locking is used and changes only appear after the document has been saved.  

The idea is that everyone can see what’s happening and if they have suggestions they can contribute vocally or edit it themselves. There’s also the ability to add comments, track changes and review previous versions of the files, so you can always go back and find that great idea that somehow got left behind. 


A built-in AI assistant is on-hand to generate, summarize or translate any text you wish to use, plus it will check the grammar and spelling so that the document is polished and ready to launch once the meeting is finished. 

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom is simple, easy to use and makes the whole process a team effort rather than another presentation-style meeting. 

Secure storage for your files between meetings

Another advantage offered by the service is the secure storing of the documents edited during the meetings. You can create dedicated virtual rooms with flexible permissions to allow team members to continue accessing the files between Zoom calls. There’s even the option of public rooms where you can share the files with those not on the team or part of the call. 


It’s all purpose-built to make it refreshingly easy to organize your files, continue working on them, and be able to distribute the final versions without having to move them from one place to another or accidentally create duplicates. 


Try it today with this fantastic offer

The free account you create when you first setup ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom normally gives you 2GB of storage space and up to 12 rooms, but there’s an amazing offer currently available, if you’re quick. 

Everyone who registers before August 1, 2024, gets a special tier that includes 100 admin users, 100 rooms and 100 GB of storage, all for free! This offer lasts for an impressive six months too, giving you plenty of time to use the app with your team and explore all the productivity benefits it can bring to your workflow. If you want more space or features after that, there’s also the Business tier available for $20 per admin per month.  

So, now you can streamline your Zoom meetings, making them more productive and collaborative than ever before. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom does the hard work, so you and your team can do the clever things instead.

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