The Full Nerd ep. 166: Your burning questions, answered

In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray spend nearly two hours answering your questions.

First, we spend a few minutes explaining what you need to know about NZXT pulling its otherwise fantastic H1 case due to fire danger. Yes, again. Then the Q&A floodgates open. What do we think about Google Stadia? Why don’t we provide more virtual reality benchmarks in graphics card reviews? Should Intel sell its fabs? When can you buy a graphics card at a sane price again? What do we expect from Intel’s first gaming GPUs? What are our hot beverages of choice during these cold winter months?

You can witness it all in the video embedded above. You can also watch The Full Nerd episode 166 on YouTube (subscribe to the channel while you’re there!) or listen to it on Soundcloud if you prefer the audio alone. 

The Full Nerd · Episode 166: NZXT H1 Fires? Stadia Over? VR benchmarks? – Q&A Extravaganza!

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