The Nintendo Switch's fantastically fun DIY Labo kits are just $20 right now

nitendolaboImage: Nintendo

Keeping ourselves—and our kids—busy is a full-time job for many of us right now. Just in the nick of time, Nintendo Toy-Con Labo kits on sale for half off (or more) at Best Buy. These awesomely fun kits usually cost between $40 and $60, but today the VR KitRemove non-product link, Robot KitRemove non-product link, Variety KitRemove non-product link, and Vehicle KitRemove non-product link are all $20.

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Labo kits are fun, fantastic projects. These lots task you with building physical accessories for your Switch out of cardboard—such as robots, pianos, or fishing poles—and then play videogames that revolve around them. 

First up we’ve got the Labo Toy-Con VR KitRemove non-product link. This kit helps you build a kind of Google Cardboard for your Switch. Once the kids have put it together, they can experience the wonder of virtual reality—complete with blaster.

Next up is the Labo Toy-Con Robot KitRemove non-product link. This kit includes a backpack, hand holds, and visor. Once it’s ready the kids can build their robot on the Switch.

There’s also the Labo Toy-Con Variety KitRemove non-product link that can turn into a variety of options, including a mini piano, motorbike controller, fishing rod, and many more.

Finally, we have the Labo Toy-Con Vehicle KitRemove non-product link. This kit lets you build controls for a car, submarine, or plane.

That’s a whole lot of family fun at a fantastic price.

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