This awesome Super Nintendo-inspired wireless controller is under $20

8bitdoImage: 8BitDo

Fancy new Xbox controllers are a fantastic way to game on PC, console, or even set-top boxes, but there are times when we all want to go a little retro. Right now, you can get the 8BitDo SN30 Bluetooth gamepad for just $19 at StackSocial when you apply code GAMESAVERemove non-product link, $11 off its $30 MSRP and a great price for a 5-star controller.

The 8BitDo controller is supposedly inspired by the original Game Boy Pocket, according to StackSocial’s product page. One look at the controller, however, and you can clearly see the influence of the Super Nintendo in shape and button placement. Despite its retro shape, it has the essential buttons you need for modern games including the X, A, B, and Y buttons, D-Pad, select and start buttons, and left and right bumpers. You won’t find sticks or triggers on this controller, but it’s perfect for 2D platformers.

Back in 2017, we reviewed a wired version of the SN30 that looked even more obviously like a Super Nintendo controller. Overall we really liked it as a retro gaming pad, and we liked that it had modern features. The SN30 works with Windows 7 and up, Android, macOS 10.7 and up, the Nintendo Switch, and the Raspberry Pi. The rechargeable battery should give you about 18 hours of playtime.

[Today’s deal: 8BitDO SN30 Bluetooth controller for $19 on StackSocial with code GAMESAVERemove non-product link]

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