This roomy 5TB WD Black external drive built for gamers is just $117

wdblackp10Image: WD

Extra storage is always a good idea for photos, videos, games, documents, you name it. Right now, Woot via Amazon has a solid deal. The 5TB WD Black P10 external gaming hard drive is $117. That’s a whole lot of storage at an excellent price. That’s an overall solid deal well below the usual $140 to $150 asking price.

This drive is specifically tuned for gaming on any of the major platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. WD says it can hold up to 125 games, though that’s based on 36GB being the average. These days it’s safer to go with 50GB as the estimate for major triple-A titles. Even if your favorite game isn’t that big, give it a few months if it’s being actively developed. Many indie titles are much smaller, though.

The drive has a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, which has a maximum transfer rate of 5GB per second, though WD says the drive in real world use maxes out at 140MB/s.

WD provides a three-year warranty with the drive, and the thing weighs about half a pound. WD doesn’t say how fast it spins, but user reviews report it’s a 5,400 RPM drive, and not the higher performing 7,200 RPM. Still, for $117 this drive is one heck of a deal.

[Today’s deal: 5TB WD Black P10 for $117.]

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