V2 Cloud is the simplest cloud desktop for a distributed workforce

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According to Gallup, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers who have been working remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to do so. To break that down a bit further, 35 percent of remote workers would simply prefer to continue working remotely, while 30 percent want to work away from the office because of a concern about COVID-19. So, as you most likely already knew, the challenges of operating a distributed workforce and supporting a small business infrastructure — all via the connective power of computers and the Internet — is a workplace dynamic that doesn’t look to phase out anytime soon. And this new normal will affect various roles within organizations and a range of companies differently.

For example, business owners want to figure out a cost-effective way of enabling their employees to work from home without compromising on security. Much in the same way, IT managers need to support their colleagues from a distance, all while ensuring their coworkers have access to the right apps, programs, and computing power to perform their jobs’ technical tasks adequately. On the other hand, certain types of companies, such as managed service providers and independent software vendors, can respond to this new market opportunity — only if they have the right cloud technology. No IT pros required. Well, no matter how this new normal affects your role at your company, there’s a cloud desktop called V2 Cloud to meet your specific needs.

How V2 Cloud helps distributed workforces

V2 Cloud is the simplest cloud desktop, helping you deploy web-based virtual desktops for your employees or clients in minutes. V2 Cloud offers businesses advantages in speed, convenience, and security compared to traditional provisioning hardware machines so that organizations of any size can achieve their best work.

As previously noted, remote-work requirements and preferences will remain steady into the foreseeable future. So, it’s vital to equip remote employees with computer technology that allows them to perform their daily tasks as efficiently as they would in an office environment. And that’s where V2 Cloud enters the picture. Rather than investing a ton of company money into new laptops and work-from-home hardware, it can be much easier and cost-effective to set up a distributed workforce for success with cloud desktops.

A high-performance cloud desktop, for example, transforms computers that may struggle with even routine operating-system tasks into computing powerhouses. Even better, V2 Cloud’s service is attuned to specific resource requirements. This flexibility means companies can provide a targeted computing environment to their workforces that reflect each user’s needs. For instance, an intern may need a very basic setup, whereas a software developer or data scientist would benefit from more computing power. Deploying the right resources, to the right people, at the right time cuts the excessive waste typically associated with a one-size-fits-all hardware solution that overserves the intern and underserves the software developer or data scientist.

Alongside that level of flexibility and personalization, it’s hard to beat the convenience that comes with a cloud desktop as well. All you need is to “BYOD”: Bring Your Own Device. V2 Cloud is accessible via browser, desktop app, and mobile app (Android and iOS). Meaning, it’s an absolute breeze for employees to access their computer tech, including apps and programs, on any platform — and all without the risk that data on a physical hard drive will become corrupt or compromised. Speaking of risk, this desktop as a service solution offers plenty of additional security benefits, such as 24/7 surveilled data centers, servers with high-security firewalls, isolated and private networks, secure connections with multi-factor authentication, and daily snapshot backups.

V2 Cloud not only manages the hosting environment, including virus scanning, but a cloud-based solution with backup snapshots is less prone to risks such as ransomware or compliance breaches. Much in the same way, a cloud desktop reduces the complexities and risks inherent to working from home. V2 Cloud offers a centrally managed cloud desktop environment for administrators to streamline infrastructure and reduce financial and compliance risks.

The bottom line

Although the COVID-19 pandemic will one day be a thing of the past, employees will continue to work from home or remotely elsewhere for years to come. As more and more companies embrace the new normal of distributed workforces, it’s crucial for business owners and IT managers, as well as managed service providers and independent software vendors, to adapt by providing their employees or clients with the right computer technology to do their best work.

Cloud desktops like V2 Cloud provide a service that offers advantages in speed, support, and security over traditional provisioning hardware machines. Learn more about the simplest cloud desktop today.

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