Verizon: Want a faster connection? This is what to consider

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Want a faster connection? This is what to consider.

As society becomes more and more connected, the demands for faster and reliable internet increases. Fiber-optic internet technology is seen to be the best choice for in-home internet today, promising quicker and dependable connections versus DSL or cable. With this technology, users can get more uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and sharing via cloud services, and less lag, bandwidth cap, or slower speeds during peak hours. If our article this year explaining how to speed up your internet connection didn’t end up giving you that speed boost you were looking for, you may want to consider other options.

Verizon Fios internet packages up to 940 Mbps

Verizon, being one of the biggest carriers in the United States, offers fiber-optic services (Fi.O.S.) delivering high-speed internet access to homes across the nation with its fastest internet plan to-date, the Fios Gigabit connection. Users can experience up to 940 Mbps (Megabytes per second) download and up to 880 Mbps upload speed. An almost symmetrical allocation that makes it easier to share files quicker, upload high-definition content faster, and experience undisturbed gaming. While the fiber-optic networks are a fairly new technology, it brings with it beneficial and promising possibilities.

Our homes are a jungle of connections

Moving into the next generation of internet connectivity, fiber internet aims to meet the mushrooming needs of a more “connected” household, whether for work or entertainment. Work-from-home arrangements, where voice and video calls are constant, call for clear and crisp information exchange. Streaming movies and TV shows that are made for your Ultra High Definition 4K TVs could be a struggle for your cable internet and create a less-than-enjoyable experience.

Should you consider the Gigabit Plan?

Consider Verizon’s latest offering, the new Fios Gigabit plan, their fastest with up to 940/880 Mbps download and upload speeds, respectively. It is suited to deliver the clarity and uninterrupted connectivity that a fiber-optic network can offer. New subscribers can also enjoy (for a limited time) Fios Gigabit plan perks like a $100 Verizon gift card + 12 mos AMC+ and a Samsung Chromebook 4 11.6” (32 GB) when they order a subscription and qualify. This new plan also includes a 2TB Verizon Cloud storage; and for a Whole-Home Wi-Fi experience, router rental is already included and a Wi-Fi extender may be provided upon request. Other terms apply so it’s best to read the details upon joining.

What is the BEST Verizon Fios package among the ones offered?

Choosing what Fios internet plan is best may be confusing and it depends on the kind of usage one requires. There are three Fios plans to choose from: ● Gigabit Connection – Smooth UHD streaming experience plus better & reliable gameplay. ● 400 Mbps – Can handle multiple users, TV show marathons, and sharing large files. ● 200 Mbps – Downloading movies, photos, documents, etc., is quick and easy. Productivity is increased when internet service providers can support the demands of so much digital information exchanged across networks like large file sharing with cloud backups, video conferencing, streaming movies, online gaming, and cloud applications to name a few. Fios is fast, reliable, with a service that’s value for money.

What is the cheapest of the Verizon Fios packages?

The price for the cheapest Verizon’s fiber-optic service starts at $39.99 per month for the 200Mbps plan (with Auto Pay plus taxes & equipment charges) and includes a 12mos of AMC+ with the subscription. The 400Mbps plan is at $64.99 per month (with Auto Pay plus taxes & equipment charges) and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is included in the package (available for a limited time), plus AMC+ for 12 months.

Consider the new Fios Gigabit Plan

The new Fios Gigabit plan is only $89.99 with Auto-Pay, and new customers can get a Samsung Chromebook 4 with the new plan (available for a limited time) together with many plan perks. Terms and conditions also apply. If you are interested, look at the updated list of Verizon Fios coupon codes here at PCWorld. When you click through this link check if there is any discount or offer available at the moment. Notice that for a limited time, with the New Fios Gigabit Plan, you will receive a $200 gift card and 12 months of AMC+ for both existing and new customers.

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