Why a great gaming setup needs more than just a powerful PC

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Unlike other forms of entertainment, gaming is not just about having a computer that is “good enough.” Of course, the performance of the PC is important, but peripherals, furniture and even lighting can make the difference between enjoyment and frustration. Have you ever thought about everything you need to optimize your setup? We take a look at some aspects you can use to improve your gaming sessions.


Peripherals should not be seen as a minor matter. Rather, they are your direct contact to the gaming action. Your monitor and sound system define what you see and hear, as do your memory and graphics cards. A good monitor can greatly improve your gaming experience. It’s not just the refresh rate that counts here, but also support for HDR, which can give you an impressive leap in quality.

Keyboard and mouse are also important for your gaming performance. Even with the highest resolution and frame rate, it’s no use if the keyboard “ghosted” or your mouse unintentionally double-clicks. Audio equipment also plays a major role. Spatial sound or at least a good stereo headset can be crucial for locating the enemy in a shooter, for example.

Don’t underestimate the gaming furniture. A chair or desk doesn’t have to carry the latest gaming label, but it should be ergonomic and be able to cope with your setup in terms of load capacity.


The ambience also contributes to the mood: Mood lighting, such as indirect ambient light, can not only improve your visual experience, but is also easy on the eyes. And finally, you should not neglect the comfort of your surroundings. Good ventilation or correctly set heating can be crucial to making your gaming hours enjoyable.

So gaming is definitely more than just the PC. A well-balanced setup that is not over the top, but also doesn’t miss any important elements, can make the difference in getting the most out of every gaming session.

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